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Experimental 3D Website Designs

Made with Flash using Ruffle and ActionScript 2

First Attempt

This experiment was designed for a client back in 2002. The first thing that floats up at you is an advertisement or call to action. In this case I used my old picture instead of an ad. Then, an A-Z menu floats up after clicking the "Next" button. After choosing and clicking on a letter you fly through the space until you reach that letter destination. In the working version I have menus for each section that loads either an image, flash file or video.You can see the full version with menu in the video.

Working Example

The working example can't be shown here due to a security policy WIX has setup where you can't load files into another file. In this case I am loading XML and external menu files. but here is the working code for a full page playing a any Flash AS2 file. It will work in AS3 which is Adobe Animate 2023 but you need to keep your animation simple and test constantly. It appears that Ruffle is working on AS3 but it isn't complete yet.

<script src=""></script> 
html, body {
window.RufflePlayer = window.RufflePlayer || {}; 
//Below code forces autoplay, no splashscreen and allows sound 

window.RufflePlayer.config = { 
"autoplay": "on","splashScreen": false,"unmuteOverlay": "hidden" }; 
// End custom configuration code above     
window.addEventListener("load", (event) => {         
const ruffle = window.RufflePlayer.newest();         
const player = ruffle.createPlayer();         
const container = document.getElementById("container");         
player.load("myMovie.swf"); = "100%"; = "100%";   
<div id="container"></div> 

I do think that as AI driven website builders, like 10web, become introduced to more marketing departments and they realize they don't need a web designer anymore this type of thing, meaning out of the ordinary, could keep web designers working at least for the next few years.

I have tested GPT4 on building this exact interface in ActionScript3 and I burned almost four hours. GPT4 finally gave me the 3D interface but couldn't figure out the rest of the code no matter what prompt I used. I expect GPT4 will get better within the next year and that may be the end for programming simpler things. Since GPT5 is now on hold as of today I assume version 5 already can do this programming from scratch with a simple ask.

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