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Website Builders

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I was applying for work at a Defi company a while ago as a web designer and as I do I was looking at the website source code. I saw they were using WebFlow and found this pretty cool visual page builder. WebFlow spits out all of the code required for a website at its most basic level. This is the dream program that I have been waiting for since 1998. As a print designer I worked in InDesign and wondered why Adobe or some other company hadn't figured this out. DreamWeaver was so bloated and frankly unusable. I kept waiting for Adobe to create WebFlow from DreamWeaver but it never happened.

I like clean code and sometimes it bothers me that mySQL is so common place. Linking to a database makes websites fragile and if hacked are easily taken down. This is nice because as a marketing person you could design your own site visually and then hand it off to a developer to recreate it for WordPress, Joomla, Craft, Drupal or whatever CMS you want.

In the past I have built stand alone websites and it was fun but this is similar to DIVI for WordPress or SP Page Builder for Joomla as far as visual web design goes. Because of the simplicity it also reminds me of creating social media graphics in Canva.

I would likely use this in a situation where I have a one page temporary event or sales page I need to build.




I would also like to list some web hosting providers. I personally use LiquidWeb and found them amazing. They provide you with one person contact and no matter what happens you always have access to tech support. The cost is a bit more but well worth it. I have used BlueHost and HostGator, both owned by the same company now. BlueHost was bought roughly two years ago.

Here is a link to more resources by some friends of mine:

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