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Revolutionizing Digital Interfaces: A Journey from 1998 Flash Animation to AI's Future in 2025

This video is a fascinating look at a digital interface created by me back in 1999. Here's a summary of my key points:

Flash Animation Interface (1998): I showcase a Flash animation interface I built in 1998-1999. This interface features a three-dimensional environment created by processing two-dimensional elements. It includes clickable options that allow navigation through space, leading to different menus and content.

Personal Reflections: The speaker reflects on the project's innovative aspects, including its physics and three-dimensional spacing of 2D pieces. They show a photo of themselves before their hair turned gray, highlighting the passage of time since the project's creation.

Technical Challenges and Solutions: I discuss the technical challenges faced, especially regarding data management in Flash. To solve the inability to clear data in Flash, I developed a workaround involving empty key frames to delete data.

Evolution of the Project: Here I mention working on this site doing informational animations for over a year and a half and how much I enjoyed working from home during the early 2000s.

Speculation on Future Technologies: I speculate on the future of AI, specifically AI like ChatGPT, in animating and creating static images to explain concepts. I foresee that by 2025, AI likely will dynamically generate entire interfaces and construct how-to based on new information.

Concluding Thoughts: The video concludes with me expressing my excitement about the future possibilities of AI in digital interface design and my desire to share this video to showcase the evolution of technology.

This video provides an insightful look into the early days of web animation, the creative process of developing digital interfaces, and the potential future of AI in this field.

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