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Oral History Helper App using ChatGPT

Bad audio is my fault. I could use a Windows app to show the phone version allowing for speech, the browser version doesn't have speech yet, The volume wasn't high enough for the app in the recording. I could hear it fine but windows didn't record it at the correct volume.

This video is an early exploration of mine into using ChatGPT for creating a chat bot, possibly related to oral history at the Syndeo Institute at the Cable Center. The video might be particularly interesting for those curious about practical applications of ChatGPT and AI in developing interactive tools.

What I find interesting is that I could create a single ChatGPT based on a person famous in the cable industry like Ted Turner. I could upload data related to him as well as allow the GPTBot to use web data. I could also use video of Ted Turner and the audio track to created an AI based simulated voice of his. So, the voice in the Bot would have all of the vocal characteristics of Ted Turner. Also, the Bot could be ordered to act as a virtual version of him complete with all of his mannerisms. It is also possible to make a virtual version of his likeness from video that would speak from a transcript. I assume in the near future it will be possible for all of these features to be integrated in the building of the GPTs in OpenAI/ChatGPT. Then OpenAI will also add simple embed code and make its money on the API calls to the Bot hosted on their website that I have built.

(You need a ChatGPT Turbo account at the moment to use this on

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