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Create Logos with MidJourney AI

Prompts and Styles

We need to talk about how "prompts" are constructed. What is a Prompt? A prompt is the way you write to communicate a request to MidJourney.

Example: /imagine Is what you would type first to start the prompt. After typing this and hitting return a window appears for the prompt.

Here is a full example prompt: /imagine a mascot logo of a robot, simple, vector --no shading detail

The --no command tells MJ what you don't want in the image. --no shading. So, "mascot" is the type of logo and the subject is "robot" and then the style "simple, vector" at the end.

Another example: Artistic Technique

/imagine a simple logo of a diamond, screen-print, flat, vector --no realistic photo details

This calls for an artistic technique named "screen print" and has --no realistic photo details.

/imagine a simple logo of a diamond, Chalk Drawing Art, flat --no realistic photo details

Notice that this says "flat" and not "simple, vector". Others include "white background" and minimalist. These terms help to simplify the design.

The prompt for the image in this article is:

/imagine a logo of an ice cream brand, no shadow, simple, abstract art --no realistic photo details --v 5

The image on the left were the four versions. I then picked the bottom-right version and asked it to create four variations from that one.

The links below will take you to a website that shows styles as well as techniques.


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