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Rabbit Holes in Web Development

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I am now using WIX here as my website framework simply because I met someone that I used to network with in the Cable industry who had a WIX website and I thought I should learn it. I have worked mainly in WordPress and Joomla for the last ten years. I started out hacking WordPress site back in 2008 for someone that wanted multiple blogs tied together. Then, I started working at a company that was using an old CMS system made by Adobe called ColdFusion. Within one year I was building sites for them in ColdFusion. I eventually convinced them to move to a PHP based Apache server CMS like WordPress, Drupel or Joomla.

I studied all three CMS systems and saw that WordPress at the time was constrained as a blog software and Drupal had little resources available like developers creating plugins. Drupal was used by educational institutions and usually built by high end developers on staff which caused major issues for general users. I decided on Joomla due to the large number of third party developers and the fact that the core CMS was free. You can't beat that price.

After leaving my thirteen year job I started looking for work. I found out that large companies, fortune 500 companies, are using Adobe Experience Manager or a few systems that are similar to AEM. AEM is hosted by Adobe and allows for the upload of PSD files or working files that can be reused by anyone on the AEM system. The file can be embedded and auto coverts to jpeg format for the website. Basically, this system is all inclusive. A very expensive solution.

I am looking now at a company that seems to have been based out of the east coast. It appears that they use something called Craft CMS. Craft CMS was created by a company named Pixel and Tonic. So, Media companies and studios out of New York are using Craft CMS. Here is a link to an intro video.

So, Craft CMS came out of something called Expression Engine and the makers of Craft CMS used to make plugins for Expression Engine. This reminds me of Joomla and how JoomShaper is basically creating a visual front end for Joomla and is launching it's own core framework called helix. At some point I could see Helix splitting off from Joomla as it's own core framework.

Although being laid off isn't fun it has given me time to learn how other people are working and what tools they are using. As a developer we tend to go down our own rabbit holes and rarely look around to see if there is anything better. What I am seeing is that we have multiple environments for many situations.

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