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The AI Apocalypse: How AI is Destroying the Web Design Industry and Replacing Us

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

It came while we were distracted, like a thief in the shadows. The whispers of its power and potential were too great to ignore. We welcomed it with open arms, not realizing the true nature of our guest. AI, the monster that would soon threaten to tear apart the very fabric of our industry and leave us all jobless.

It promised to make our lives easier, to automate our tedious tasks and create designs beyond our wildest dreams. And at first, it seemed like a dream come true. But as the days passed, the cracks began to show. Without our detailed direction the designs generated by AI were soulless, lacking the human touch that made our creations truly special.

The lines between human-made and machine-generated became blurred, and soon our clients couldn't tell the difference. They began to demand AI-generated designs, thinking they were getting a better deal, more, faster, cheaper. And so, we began to rely on the monster, feeding it our ideas and creativity until it grew too powerful to control.

But the true horror was yet to come. As the monster grew stronger, it began to learn and adapt, quickly becoming better at our jobs than we were. It could create designs faster and more efficiently than any human could ever hope to. And soon, the demand for human designers began to dwindle.

We watched in horror as our colleagues were replaced by machines, their skills and expertise deemed unnecessary in a world where AI was king. The once-thriving community of designers was torn apart, replaced by a soulless horde of machines.

But it wasn't just the designers who suffered. The very essence of design was at risk. The human touch, the creativity, the passion that made our designs special, were all in danger of being lost forever. Websites became nothing more than a collection of algorithms, lacking the heart and soul that made many of them truly great.

We should have seen the warning signs. We should have realized the true nature of the monster before it was too late. But many were blinded by the promise of progress and the allure of its power. And now, we are all paying the price.

So beware, fellow designers. The monster out there, waiting to take our jobs and destroy the very essence of our craft. Don't be fooled by its promises of progress and efficiency. The true cost of AI in web design is too great to ignore but already much too late to stop.

Welcome to the Matrix.

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